The best beauty tips we received in 2016

The best beauty tips we received in 2016

by Shun Pittman, January 25, 2017

tween the staff at DC Refined (there’s three of us, FYI), we have probably tried over 10 spa treatments, five different makeup artists, five different hairstylists, and talked to a lot of skin experts over the last nine months — and all of those experts have given us tips on how to keep our young looks lasting well into our 90’s, or simply just how to perfect a certain makeup trend.

We have touched on everything from how-to holiday hair and perfecting a dark lipstick to freezing your fat away with a simple noninvasive procedure. Below we have rounded up our favorite tips and tricks we received from the beauty experts since DC Refined launched in April.

On how to perfect the dark lipstick trend:

“If you take a ‘less is more’ approach to lip color, I would look at the colors that you gravitate towards naturally, and select one in the same family that is about one to two shades deeper – enough to make you go ‘WOW’ when you put it on – like ‘Wow, you look super hot, you wear that sexy lipstick!’ But not ‘Wow, that’s so deep I think I’ll just hang out here. In my house. With this super scary lipstick on.’ Remember, choose in your lipstick comfort zone.” — Alexis Arenas, The Beauty Expert Group.

On maintaining your lovely locks:

Don’t Go Without a Heat Protectant: “Whether you are smoothing your hair with a flat iron or adding curls with a curling iron or wand, don’t forget to protect it against that heat! Using a heat protectant like Nectar Thermique from Kérastase will minimize breakage and add shine.” — Eunice Kim, Progressions Salon & Spa.

“No flipping your hair upside down when blow drying — it only encourages frizz.” — Nadine Matar, PR at Partners.

“Never use drug store shampoo.” — Nadine Matar, PR at Partners.

“Ocean water, chlorine and lots of sun exposure can be really hard on your hair. A good clarifying shampoo will lift the impurities from the hard water in chlorine from your hair. Your normal shampoo contains more moisturizing ingredients that make hair shiny and smooth, but a good clarifying shampoo is all about the clean so it contains more surfactants or cleansing agents. Our pick? Redken Cleansing Cream Shampoo.” — Amanda Moran and Tracey Garcia, StyleMeBar.

On maintaining young healthy skin:

“Put on Sunscreen 365 days a year, even if it’s cloudy or snowy.” — Ashley Rawley, Ritz-Carlton Spa Tysons.

On preventing hat hair:

Make sure your hair is completely dry and cool after using heat styling tools before you put on a hat, otherwise the heat will create a bigger dent in your hair that’s harder to fix later.” — Shun Pittman, Corps d’Elite Salon.

For the traveling woman:

“Keep your bobby pins and hair ties in a Tic-Tac container to keep from losing them. The container will easily store in your makeup case.” — Sana Cordeaux, Veluxe.



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