Amazing Women Spotlight: Salon Owner of Corps d’Elite

Amazing Women Spotlight: Salon Owner of Corps d’Elite

by Shun Pittman, November 30, 2016

SNh had the pleasure of interviewing Shun Pittman owner of Corps d’Elite. Who has been in the beauty industry for over 23 years. Fifteen of those years, she has trained, mentored, coached, and inspired diverse audiences of salon professionals all over the world on topics such as business building skills, cut/color/styling/chemical technique, customer service, sales, and marketing. Below she tells us about her salon, tips, and natural hair journey.

Can you tell me about your natural hair journey…

I feel as a society we were conditioned to loathe highly textured hair. Even words that describe curly hair tend to have somewhat of a negative connotation for example “frizzy”, “unruly”, and “kinky”. I embrace all hair types and textures. I LOVE HAIR! A cosmetology license does not segregate, people segregate.

Advice to someone considering going natural/ is natural…

As a salon professional, the advice I offer someone going “natural” from a chemical straightener would depend on their personal needs, wants, and styling habits. There are lots of individuals (like myself) who still prefer to wear their hair in a relaxed state. Meaning the hair is not chemically relaxed it is thermally relaxed with the help of thermal styling tools like blowdryers and curling and or flat irons. The challenge here is working out, hot flashes, and humidity. Any sign of moisture or humidity will cause the temporary relaxed state to revert back to original curly state. This could prove difficult for some to maintain. Embracing one’s natural curl pattern is easy. Maintenance can be low. But, finding the appropriate products for the right hair type and texture is essential. Working with one’s natural curl pattern can be fun. Be creative as to not get bored with your look. Embracing a haircut is ideal for a savvy shape and style.

Inspiration behind Corps d’Elite…
Corps d’Elite is a customer service driven boutique salon that delivers best in class services to each client every time. Corps d’Elite is inspired to offer individuals a better salon environment and experience.



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